When you're out having fun, and get back to your car tired & ready to head home. Then blamo! You realize you have locked your keys in the car and that since it's 3:12am you now need a car locksmith that is open 24 hours. Well you're at the right place then. 

As our car locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to help you pop the lock and grab those car keys you locked in the car by accident. Or upgrade that old door lock that hasn't been working right for a while. The car locksmiths here are able to do either of those mentioned and whichever other one you need of the locksmith services we provide.

We mean our car locksmiths can fix it even if you lose your car keys or even worse they end up in the hands of a criminal along with your wallet & id with address to where your car sleeps outside. In that case our car locksmiths will simply pop the lock.

Once the lock smith pop the lock, the car locksmith can then proceed to rekey your door locks so that the old car keys stops working right away. 

Then the car locksmith can also make you a new replacement car key that works with the new door lock rekeyed combination.

The car locksmiths can also make car key copy while they're there. This car key copy can be used as a backup key that you store safely never inside of your car. 

For in case if you ever lock keys in car you then just use the backup key to open the door lock and recover the car keys that were locked inside the car.

So our team of lock smith experts are available 24 hours a day every day. And the lock smith experts are able to take care of all locksmith service needs for car, business and homes. 

The lock smith experts can install, fix, or replace any door lock and security locks. Our lock smith experts can also pop the lock when you lose or lock your car keys in the car. The lock smith experts can take care of any locksmith service you need.

Call our car locksmith services line right now to 858-256-6846 and let one of our car locksmiths go to you and take care of the locksmith service you need right away. So you can get back to life.


Our locksmith shop has been located at the address below for a long time:

2148 Jimmy Durante Blvd #104

Del Mar, CA 92014

Our phone number for  24 hour locksmith services is:



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