There are times in a business when an employee accidentally locks the keys in the office (or company car) and the business needs a locksmith to pop the lock with their lockpicking tools so they can have access to the locked area. And hopefully have the locksmith make key copy of the door he just pop the lock to.

That way the business can use that key copy to just open the door next time, instead of needing us to pop the lock with our lockpicking tools to do so. As once you call a locksmith to come over to your business and pop the lock of your locked office with their lockpicking tools there is a bill attached to having that service done.

We like promoting prevention of needing emergency locksmith services. And we like helping businesses secure their buildings with security locks. With so many security locks out there, like the combination lock where the security lock has a numeric keypad on it. The user enters their assigned number into the combination lock's numeric keypad to get into the secured area.

These security locks are very useful for businesses as combination locks are available is so many options there is a combination lock for any budget your business has available. And as long as your employees know and don't share their assigned numbers the combination locks are very secured.

Let's say your business needs to make 200 key copy sets of a keychain with 15 keys in it. That's 200 x 15 = 3,000 key copy to be made. Your average key copy shop would probably pretend they didn't speak English or that they were closing. Our locksmiths would say, how soon do you need those 3,000 key copy by?

As we use a state of the art key cutting machine so we can produce as many high quality key copy you want. And we can do that 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So whenever you need and want the key copy, just call us to 858-256-6846 to schedule the arrangements to have your key copy made. Still doesn't matter how many key copy you need either.

Here at Locksmith Del Mar CA we are ready to take care of the locksmith service needs of any size business. From small businesses to large corporations. And we treat each business with the same respect, attention, speed and quality of service.


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